Exclusive! Andy Cohen On Why His Love Life Kinda Sucks

Exclusive! Bravo's Andy Cohen On Why His Love Life Kinda Sucks

We're begging you to get a boyfriend, Andy!

All work and no play … makes for a very boring sex life, Andy Cohen!

YourTango recently caught up with the mazel-dishing face of Bravo to talk Team Melissa or Team Teresa, his favorite Housewife tyke … and his recent engagement to professional hockey player turned fashionista Sean Avery?

Full disclosure: While we were shocked to hear those grooms-to-be rumors (Sean Avery's gay? When did that happen?), it was a huge sigh of relief to learn Andy finally took time away from fielding Jill Zarin's calls for the benefit of his personal life. After all, this is the guy who probably sleeps less than Ryan Seacrest, considering by day he's Bravo's Executive VP of Development and Talent and by night he's sipping cocktails with his Bravolebrity posse on Watch What Happens Live.

But, nevertheless, Andy shattered our romantic fantasies for him, telling us that the soundtrack to his love life would be titled "Captain Lonely Heart." Womp, womp.

YourTango: What's your type?
Andy Cohen:
My type is independent, strong, funny. You know, it varies. I love a blonde, but I also am down with the swirl. I'm all over the map.

YourTango: What do you have to say about the engagement rumors?
Andy Cohen:
I'm not engaged. The rumors are that I'm engaged to a straight man, so that's funny. I'm not.

YourTango: What's the best love advice you've received?
Andy Cohen:
Just go with your gut and communicate.

YourTango: Now, it's time for a little Housewives Battle. Who has the best hair?
Andy Cohen:
I think Teresa's got a great head of hair.

YourTango: Are you Team Teresa or Team Melissa?
Andy Cohen:
Team everybody.

YourTango: Who is the cutest Housewives' kid?
Andy Cohen:
Well, I love Milania—not to talk about Teresa so much, but I love Milania. I love Portia on Beverly Hills. Also, Bri'asia, NeNe Leakes' granddaughter is really cute. And Ayden is really cute, Phaedra's son.

YourTango: What makes them your favorites?
Andy Cohen:
They're just cute, and Milania's hilarious. She doesn't stop talking and everything she says is inappropriate and hilarious.

YourTango: If Taylor Swift wrote a song about your love life, what would it be called?
Andy Cohen:
Oh my god ... "Captain Lonely Heart."

YourTango: Awe. Sounds like a sad one.
Andy Cohen:
Awe. I know.


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