How The Government Shutdown Is Causing Wedding Day Nightmares

How The Government Shutdown Is Causing Wedding Day Nightmares

... and you thought all you had to worry about was rain on the big day!

After months (may be even a year of planning), your big day is finally here. The band's confirmed, the flowers arrived and the weather looks like it's going to hold up. What's there to worry about?

Well, last week, for dozens of engaged couples ready to tie the knot, their location fell through at the last minute. Because of the government shutdown, national monuments that were supposed to serve as their wedding day backdrops were closed — leaving them venue-less. Imagine trying to reschedule your Yostemite wedding?

There was one couple who was able to reschedule their Grand Canyon ceremony in time, but not without a lot of stress. They told Today: "I don't know how much more can happen unless we get a flat tire on the way to the location. At this point, it really doesn’t matter. We'd be happy getting married in a parking lot if we needed to."

So will these couples get their money back or get to reschedule their weddings?

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