Who Is Kaley Cuoco's Fiancé Ryan Sweeting?

Love: Who Is Kaley Cuoco's Fiancé Ryan Sweeting?

Kaley Cuoco went from Superman to a tennis superstar. Learn all about her fiancé, Ryan Sweeting!

It seems just yesterday that Kaley Cuoco was fawning over Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, but that summer fling was over just as soon as it began (and lots of people still think it was just a PR ploy). She moved on mighty fast, stepping out with Ryan Sweeting ... and three months later, they're already engaged!

What attracted the Big Bang Theory starlet to the tennis pro? Aside from the obvious (just look at him!), here are a few reasons why Kaley Cuoco is so sweet on Ryan Sweeting so soon.

1. He's super tall!
Sweeting clocks in at 6'5" to Cuoco's 5'6".

2. He was born in the Bahamas.
But he was raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He later went to the University of Florida, playing for their Gators tennis team for eight months before dropping out to go pro.

3. Sweeting has been playing tennis for almost as long as he's been alive.
The 26-year-old began playing tennis when he was just seven years old.

4. He hasn't been a U.S. citizen for that long.
Sweeting gained his citizenship in 2006—the same year he made his U.S. Open debut.

5. Sweeting is superstitious!
"I always shower in the same shower in the locker room when I win," he said in a press conference after the match. "Each tournament, each year, I go to the same locker. Things like that. Nothing too crazy, just little things." We bet this means Cuoco's surely going to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue ... but he won't see any of it until the big day. 

6. He's not scared to embrace his feminine side.
Sweeting and Cuoco got mani-pedis together on a date. If that's not love, what is?


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