Exclusive! Watch 'The Kiss,' First Film Shot Using Google Glass

'The Kiss,' First Film Shot Using Google Glass
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One New York couple uses their "wearable computer" to film a modern-day 'Manhattan.'

Ever wonder what on earth you would do if you got your hands (or head) on Google Glass? Boonsri Dickinson, one of the Glass Explorers — a lucky group of a few thousand people who applied for and received a unit to play with — got that opportunity. She used it to take the viewer on a romantic date in New York City.

With her friend Evan, who is a producer, Boonsri went Central Park to create the first movie using Google's wearable computer called The Kiss

"We wanted to do something simple and I was inspired after watching Woody Allen's Manhattan to do something that captured romance in the city," said Boonsri.

In the beginning of the black and white film, you follow a man as he rushes to meet his date by the iconic New York fountain. Once the lovers meet, the perspectives change and through the woman's point of view, you're right there with them as they dance, pop bubbles and kiss.

The first of it's kind, the short film may remind you of another pioneer movie that also gives you butterflies in your stomach: The first motion picture, The Kiss (1896).

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