The Bizarre New Way For You & Your Boyfriend To Save Money

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Strapped for cash? Here's a trick to help you curb spending.

There are many ways in which you and your partner can pinch pennies. You can make a budget; that seems to work for some couples. Or rather, it does work until you eye-spy some killer black dress in the window of a boutique and realize that groceries this week, and next, really aren't that important.

You can also hire a financial adviser, but honestly, if you're hiring someone to help you manage your money, you’re spending money that could possibly be saved, so that should really be a last resort type of scenario.

Frankly, it's hard to save money! It's hard to be frugal in a world that places such importance on materialist things! I mean, who doesn't want a pair of Jimmy Choos?

Well, now you can start saving bucks, and start saving immediately if you buy those Jimmy Choos for you — and your boyfriend. That's right. If you want to save money in the long run, both you and your fella really need to start wearing heels now.

A new study found that spending habits coincide with balance. Women in heels, contrary to what Sex and the City showed us, tend to be more responsible when it comes to making money-related choices simply because of the fact they're wearing heels instead of flats. There's something in the balance act of rocking heels that forces consumers to stop and think, before making a purchase.

"If you're someone who tends to overspend, or you're kind of an extreme person, then maybe you ought to consider shopping in high heels," explained marketing professor Jeffrey Larson, of Brigham Young University.

Do you want to break the news to your boyfriend that he needs to learn to walk in heels in order to save cash, or should I?

This particular study is just one of many that examines the impact physical sensations have on our decision-making. In short, our brain reacts to external physical forces, in both negative and positive ways.

But if you're dating the type of guy who scoffs at the idea of shoving his oh-so manly foot into a heel, and just refuses to get on the high-heel bandwagon (because obviously all his friends are doing it), then there's still hope for your relationship with each other, and money.

Things like leaning back in a chair while online, as I'm sure your boyfriend can handle, and being forced to answer questions about purchases while his playing Wii will also produce similar results to you are wearing heels at the mall. You can give your boyfriend a choice when it's time to crackdown on finances: heels or Wii, honey?

I guess for those of you who long to see your man in heels, this latter information is rather disappointing to the earlier part of the article. For that, I'm sorry. But at least we've learned that saving money can be a bit easier than we originally thought. If we let physical sensations have their way with our brain and our reasoning behind purchases then, in the end, we don't have ourselves to blame.

You can just explain to anyone who asks that your Manolos made you do it. Thanks to this study, you won't be lying.

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