What He Worries About Before His First Date With You

first date: what guys worry about

When we asked a bunch of guys to tell us what, if anything, they get nervous about on a first date, we were sort of expecting the usual answers: bad breath, what to wear, whether there will be chemistry, etc. But one common theme quickly emerged from nearly every one of the dudes we talked to: across the board, men seem to get really nervous about first date conversation.

It takes two to conversationally tango, but men seem to feel the burden of small-talk pressure pretty acutely:

"The thing I'm most nervous about on a date is having nothing to talk about." — Chris, 25, New York City

"I worry about being boring. And I get nervous about babbling during lulls in the conversation." — David, 26, St Louis

"Being able to hold a solid conversation." — Joe, 24, New York City

"Probably the flow of the conversation. Because that sets the tone." — Brian, 26, New York City

"I get nervous that she might be nervous or untalkative, in which case we are screwed because I don't lead 75% of the conversation." — Mason, 27, LA

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