What Are The Biggest Challenges Of Remarriage?


With nearly one-third of marriages in the United States being second-time unions, more and more couples are giving love a second chance by saying "I do" all over again. But what can you do to make your next marriage last long after the honeymoon is over?

In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman turns the questions over to YourTango Experts Richard Drobnick, Lesli Doares, Paula Bisacre and Carolyn Meyer-Wartels who offer their advice about overcoming some of the biggest struggles for remarried couples.

"The challenges in a second marriage are so complex when compared to a first marriage," Bisacre says. "I mean, you're dealing with exes, you're dealing with widowhood, you're dealing with external family members that are beyond the family unit, you're dealing with grandparents and step-grandparents, and that's a lot of pressure."

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