How to Be a Fun Date


Learning to step outside of your comfort zone could make for a much more positive dating experience.

All too often we tend to get in our own ways, especially when it comes to dating. From our preferred checklist of qualities we're seeking in a partner to our pet peeves, remaining too comfortable within our own bubble could make it difficult to attract the right man.

It isn't always easy to change or step outside of our comfort zones but if you tend to have a reputation for being picky, hard to please or even "too girly," chances are a change of pace could be just what the doctor ordered. Although dating in general can be nerve wracking and intimidating, first and foremost it should be fun. However, it's hard to be considered a fun date if you're constantly "poo pooing" everything.

Below are a few ways to switch things up and experience dating in a new and (hopefully) amazing way.

Man Up!

Some guys like girly girls but even more find it more attractive when a woman can feel comfortable doing activities that may require them to get a bit dirty or even break a nail. This could include engaging in a game of one-on-one basketball, going rock climbing or hiking. If you're not the type of woman that's naturally outdoorsy, try to find a compromise.

For example, not a fan of hard core hiking? Find middle ground (no pun intended) by making a date for a pleasant walk down a park trail or better yet, go biking along a scenic trail. It still allows the two of you to get out in nature but without the physical exertion that could make you uncomfortable.

Be Prepared

Have a date coming up that involves something you're a complete noob to? Then it's time to start prepping for what to expect. Don't let pride get in the way, either. The worst way to be a stick in the mud on a date is to go into uncharted territory poorly prepared and then whining about it.

For instance, say your significant other proposes a date that calls for skiing but you've never been on skis a day in your life. There is always the option of waiting to get to the ski lodge and taking lessons onsite but why not take extra precaution and look into ski training well in advance of the trip? In fact, the more research you do ahead of time, the more likely you'll be to have a great time with your date because you'll have a very good idea of what to expect.

On the subject of skiing, the Internet is a valuable resource (when is it not?) so don't be afraid to jump on and start browsing sites related to proper clothing, ski exercises and tips for first timers. Not only will you lower the risk of getting injured while on the slopes, your significant other will be impressed by your initiative and thoughtfulness.

Learn to Laugh At Yourself

Not all dates go according to plan. Murphy's Law is in full effect all the time and whether your date consists of a romantic dinner, taking in a movie or a more out of the box date, there's always the chance that you could embarrass yourself. Tend to be a cry baby or overly sensitive when it comes to goofing? Suck it up and instead of turning to negative emotions, make it a habit to learn the power of laughter.

Whether you stumble, trip or have a "blonde moment" in conversation, reacting with laughter will not only distract you from otherwise being mortified, it will help you recover and get the date back on track. Additionally, when your date sees how good humored you are, it helps them feel at ease and secure that you are comfortable with yourself, even in embarrassing situations.

Stop Being a Brat

Dates involve two people, not one. If you have a bad habit of calling the shots, being demanding or only considering activities that speak to your interests, it's time to get over yourself--and fast. Learning how to compromise or even relinquish calling the shots and letting your date plan things is a more effective way to approaching the dating game.

Of course that's not to say you shouldn't have an opinion about anything but make sure to be supportive of the date ideas your partner comes up with. Instead of being critical of any ideas that don't appeal to you, try to work with the suggestions and improve upon it, not shut it down from the get-go.

Men don't want to have to fight to have a good time with a woman. When the comfort zone can be expanded, it makes for greater flexibility when it comes to dating and could transform an initial spark into a full on flame.