Happy Birthday, Oprah! 5 Surprising Facts About Her Love Life

Oprah Winfrey

Love before Stedman? We've uncovered the little known facts about O's romantic history.

After this birthday girl — and proven queen of talk show TV — took a step back from the spotlight to build her OWN empire, we realized just how little we really know about Oprah and her dating history. So, in honor of 59 birthday sparklers on her cake today (we think she's looking pretty fabulous for her age, by the way), we're taking a look back at the lesser known facts about O's love life.

1. Oprah broke up with her high school sweetheart on Valentines Day.

Sounds harsh, right? But he has no hard feelings. As one of her first loves, Anthony Otey started dating Oprah when they walked home together from East Nashville Senior High School. He was her prom date and although the night proved to be a total disaster (his car broke down twice and Otey's dad had to pick them up), he says that it’s a much-cherished memory between the two. "Afterward, we laughed about old times," he said, appearing on an episode of Oprah's talk show on teen sweethearts. "It was wonderful." He's even saved hundreds of love notes from their short-lived romance. Awww.

2. Oprah once dated a guy named Bubba.

It's hard to imagine that Oprah could have a bad relationship, but as we've known, the Queen of Talk has had her own fair share of struggles — including a particularly rocky relationship with William "Bubba" Taylor. She met Bubba at Tennessee State University, and when the relationship went sour, it's rumored that she begged this guy to marry her and even threatened to kill herself when he wouldn't. In an open letter she penned to her younger self, she went on to say, "Even so, your biggest concern is how to manage your love life with Bubba." Sounds like this dude was bad news!

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