10 Songs To Help Mend Your Broken Heart


Carrie Underwood, Bonnie Raitt and the cast of 'Glee' made the list!

While love songs are the norm this time of year, and are my favorite kind, there’s something special about the other songs out there. If half of the songs in the world are love songs, the other half are the anti-love songs: the ones about regret, broken hearts, and angry exes.

Break-up songs have their own special place in my heart: they’ve been there for every time a guy wasn’t. The thing that makes them so great is that there are break-up songs for every stage of the grieving process after a relationship ends: the ones that help us cry, the ones that help us scream, and then, the ones that remind us that someday we will move on and find someone else, someone better.

Because of these reasons, these songs are just as special as love songs. So for those who are single, no matter what state of single-dom you’re in, this Valentines Day, rock out to these.

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