What Did Kevin Bacon Think About Kissing His Male Co-Star?

Kevin Bacon & James Purefoy

The scoop on Hollywood's latest bromance.

Gorgeous British actor James Purefoy and co-star Kevin Bacon sure seem to be getting to know each other.

Bacon, who has been married to Kyra Sedgwick for nearly 25 years, is nearly 60 years old and is not slowing down — in fact, it's his turn to hop into the TV spotlight since his wife recently finished her hit show The Closer

Starring in the new Fox show The Following alongside Purefoy, Bacon confessed the two have great on-screen chemistry during a Television Critics' Association panel for their new FOX series. Bacon takes the role of a retired FBI agent, chasing down a seriel killer, played by Purefoy. So, when the reporters started asking if the chemistry would turn into a kiss, Bacon responded "anything could happen!"

"Rule nothing in, nothing out," Purefoy added, before leaning over and planting one on Bacon! Yes, you read that right. So, were the men shaken up by the now-famous kiss?

"It was awesome!" Bacon said about the kiss afterward, the turned to Purefoy. "How was it for you?"

"Bristly for my liking, but I'm alright," Purefoy chided.

All kidding aside, the co-stars do have a little actor/man crush on one another. Purefoy has nothing but praise for Bacon calling the man a "legend" which we find adorable. "If you're playing tennis against somebody useless, you get worse. When you’re playing tennis against somebody like him, you just get better as an actor. So every day when I'm doing a scene with him, I feel like I just get a little bit better." Purefoy added.

The man is a 'legend' in his Hollywood marriage and in his career for good reason!

Tell us: would you kiss Kevin Bacon?

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