'Django Unchained': Quentin Tarantino Writes A Great Love Story

Jamie Foxx & Kerry Washington

Yes, we did say a love story.

When you hear about the film Django Unchained, you hear violence, racism, and one heck of a cast. But, have you heard about the love story behind it all?

Usually, director Quentin Tarantino and the word "love" don’t fall into the same sentence ... or the same book for that matter. But, for Django, behind the killing and the use of some offensive language was the reasoning behind it all — the story of a slave (Jamie Foxx) who would do anything to find his wife (Kerry Washington), who was sold to a plantation.

"So many of the narratives that we’ve told in film and television about slavery are about powerlessness ... and this is not a film about that," Washington said of all the criticism around Tarantino's movie. "This is a film about a black man, who finds his freedom and rescues his wife. He is a liberator, he is a hero. It‘s really exciting and hopeful."

While the star-studded cast—which includes Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz—went on to explain the historically correct language used, the violence and how it was to play a difficult role, Washington focused on the two reasons she took on the role.

"I was very moved by the love story, particularly in a time in our American history when black people were not allowed to fall in love and get married because marriage, that kind of connection, got in the way of the selling of human beings," Washington said. "So to have a story between a husband and a wife at a time when black people weren’t allowed to be husband and wife, was not only educational but again, hopeful.

"We’ve seen this love story a million times about star-crossed lovers, it’s just that they don’t come from two different Italian families like Romeo and Juliet, the thing that stands in the way of them being with each other is the institution of slavery. So Django’s out to get his woman & he’s got to take down slavery to get her!"

So, whether you've read that it's offensive or a full work of art, take the time to head to the theaters and make your own opinion of what is one of the purest and honest love stories that I've seen in some time. Besides the love story between Django and Broomhilda, for Washington, it was also a personal love that drove her to the film.

"I feel like I want to do this movie for my father, because my father grew up in a world where there were no black superheroes and that’s what he is," Washington said.

So, why do people want to see it?

Love, accoriding to Washington. "It's the universal theme. Everybody wants to be loved so badly that their Prince will slay the dragon!"

Tell us: Will you see Django Unchained?

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