Thanksgiving with


Soulmate Love to be grateful for. How it looks. What it sounds like. Why we all deserve it.

Be grateful every day but especially Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for Alex and Aggie and the guys at work. Thanks to them, especially Alex and Aggie (courtesy of, soulmate love never looked so special. chronicles the love story of Alex and Aggie who have been a living template for all us singletons to stay the course and keep swimming with the flow towards our own soulmate. Knowing them is on my gratitude list as are the men at the office who have helped build my faith and beliefs that real love is easy to catch, keep, and savor. Having seen them in action being committed and dedicated to their significant other's happiness has been a very lucky experience. Once upon a time, during the heyday of the TV series Sex and the City I thought that men wanted perfection or they vanished. Silly but true and this core belief was in my mind for years. Since last Thanksgiving my paradigm has shifted radically as I witnessed the total opposite in my life. So Thank You, Merci Beacoup, Danke Schon to Alex and Aggie, soulmate author Kathryn Alice and her coach Lisa Caroselli, hypnosis expert Debi Berndt for showing many how to 'Let Love In' with colleagues like Carrie Southern, and the gentlemen (plus their leading ladies) I work with who made this cognitive change possible.

This following is a soulmate thank-you list between Alex and Aggie for more inspiration. Let this be your template at the very least for the love and soulmate to keep your heart free and open for:

Agatha's list of what she's thankful for in Alex:

1. Your kindness & generosity.

2. The fact that you tell me I'm beautiful or that you compliment me in one way or another every single day.

3. Your unwavering commitment.

4. The fact that you always want to make sure I'm happy and would do almost anything to make me happy.

5. The way you push me past my comfort zone and make me believe in myself when I don't, and give me that little boost of self-confidence.

6. Your uncanny ability to understand how I am feeling without me having to explain myself.

7. Your ability to put me in my place when needed.

8. Your ability to quickly realize when you're at fault & apologize, and never allowing disagreements to turn into full-blown fights.

9. Your persistence in ensuring we remain open and honest with one another.

10. Your true understanding of what it takes to make our relationship work.


Alex's list of what he's thankful for in Agatha:

1. Your ability to keep me guessing.

2. The fact that you are both cute and sexy.

3.The fact that you communicate with me so that we never fight.

4. The fact that you enjoy doing my passions, and when you don't, you give me the freedom to do them on my own.

5. Your overwhelming ability to make everyone love you

6. That you command any room, situation, or problem.

7. Your ability to provide your half of this relationship.

8. The fact that every thing you do is adorable to me.

9. The way that you can act like the 29 year old professional that you are, but that you can also act like you are 5 years old when the time is right.

10. The fact that every single day since we met 3 years ago you have made me smile.


Happy Thanksgiving! For all the soulmates together this song is for you: Bon Jovi's "Thank You for Loving Me!"

To all the singles yet to meet their soulmate, this song is for you: Michael Buble's "Just Haven't Met You Yet". (BUT .... we will soon!)

You never know ladies. Next year at this time you may have a different last name! For a boost to stay in faith that you'll find someone to dedicate the Bon Jovi song to, check out Matthew Hussey (real life Hitch) and Debi Berndt's "Let Love In" meditations.

BONUS: For those who have some heartbreak, take heart, your soulmate will sing this Westlife song to you: "You Must Have Had A Broken Heart".