In 2012, Should Race Ever Be A 'Dating Dealbreaker'?

interracial couple

A new survey found that many people are still hesitant to date someone outside of their own race.

In the dating world, people constantly joke about supposed "dealbreakers"— qualities in a person that would automatically rule him or her out as a prospective partner — whether it's a former English major's peeve over incorrect usages of "there," "their" and "they're" or a fitness trainer's disdain for couch potatoes. 

That's all well and good, but race, people, should really not be a deal breaker in 2012. These statistics we found are maddening.

A recent survey conducted by online dating site found that 42 percent of adults would not date somebody outside of their own race. Within that statistic, respondents age 55 and up tended to lean more toward those of their own race, at a whopping 54 percent, compared to those between 18 to 34 at only 33 percent. Female boomers were especially biased, as only one-third of women over 55 say they would date outside their race.

Curiously, it seems that race is more of a factor for women than for men: 65 percent of men said they would date someone outside of their race, while only 51 percent of women said the same. Additionally, 64 percent of those who are unemployed would consider an interracial relationship, while only 50 percent of employed adults would.

Many questions here: Why are female boomers so much more biased? Why are women so much more biased in general? Is it less taboo for a white man to date a black woman than the other way around? And what's with the unemployed being so much more open to interracial relationships — is this because it's harder for them to find relationships, period? Hmm.

Do you consider race a dating dealbreaker? Do you fall into any of the statistics above?

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