Weird News: Are Kiwis Highly Susceptible To Dating Scams?

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Two-thirds of cyber-fraud monetary losses in the New Zealand islands centered around online dating.

We all want to believe there's someone out there who could love us. Sure, some of us are utterly unloveable, but the lion's share of us are correct in the assertation that we deserve some person outside of our immediate families to love us. And, the longer we go without that love, one of two things happens: either we give up or we become dangerously desperate.

Desperation is palpable. Even over the webz, creeps and con artists can smell it wafting from a mile away. And, it appears, these charlatans are hitting some of the world's nicest people where it hurts most: the heart. Per, two-thirds of cyber-fraud monetary losses in the New Zealand islands centered around romance and dating.

Given that many places not involved in making Peter Jackson films are still using dial-up, the total sum of these frauds were low: less than a million New Zealand dollars in total (around $800K in US greenbacks). Still, while this grand total is less than what Robert Redford was willing to pay Woody Harrelson for one night in the sack with Demi Moore in the film Indecent Proposal, it's still awful to think that some hard-hearted harlots (or hucksters) have, on around 1,000 separate occasions, bilked some lovelorn Kiwis out of their hard-earned cash.

These frauds include, but are not limited to, schemes such as the Spanish Prisoner and the Sun And Spring. The general approach involves the rogue gaining the confidence of a lonely person and slowly bleeding money while promising, but never delivering love, attention and affection. A more cynical person may call this "an Anna Nicole."

It could be worse, a British man once lost $30,000 to a scammer and still loved her... Man Loses £16,000 In Internet Dating Scams

Should we feel sorry for these duped singletons or just expect them to know better in this age of internet skullduggery and identity purloiniture?

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