Looks Like We're The 'People' Magazine Of Dating Sites!

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DatingHeadshots.com called YourTango the 'People' magazine of websites.

DatingHeadshots.com is a website dedicated to making online daters look better. Since 2001, they have been providing daters with premium headshot photos to boost their dating profiles.

Gordon Gooch took to the site's dating tips blog to sing YourTango's praises today. "It's got the allure of flashy celebrity dating gossip; advice from an extensive panel of professional relationship experts; community advice forums; and articles, videos and blogs on every aspect of dating and every relationship stage," writes Gooch. Oh stop it, you're making us blush.

Gooch raved about more than just our content, calling YourTango's navigation "well-organized" and our categories "clickable". Our favorite quote: "Like relationships, YourTango can be a little messy; but that's also what makes it such a fascinating site to read." Hey, neat is boring anyway. 

No, wait. Our favorite quote has to be this: "YourTango is like the People magazine of dating websites." Sweet!

We'll do our best to keep doing what we're doing. And if you're thinking of trying out the wild world of online dating, you should definitely consider heading on over to Dating Headshots and getting a photo for your profile. After all, a woman who posts a picture on a dating site get twice as many messages as one without a photo.

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