Help! I Haven't Felt Sexy Since I've Had Kids

Love, Family

It's the most exciting time of your life. You've just had a baby, and your little family is growing. Nothing can diminish your happiness ... except for your sex life.

Lately, you feel undesirable to your husband, and you suspect that you're changing body has something to do with it. You desperately want to feel sexy and feminine again, but fear you may never feel that same spark again. Fortunately, help is on the way. How To Deal When Your Man Wants To Have A Threesome

In this video, marriage therapist and YourTango Expert Carin Goldstein says that after having a child, it's easy for mothers to slip into the "mommy abyss," sacrificing their own needs for the sake of their kids'. But, at some point, all moms must "come up for air."

"If you want to gain confidence back," she says, "stop playing Mother Teresa — meaning, stop taking care of everyone [else] and putting you, as a person, completely on the shelf." Want to learn more? Check out the instructional sex video above.

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