Dating Disaster: Love At First Sight ... Until Her Ex Showed Up

love triangle

Why did we have to go to THAT bar?

Be careful picking where to go on your first date!

She was beautiful, the kind of beauty that makeup can only hide or distort.

I met Cindy through my buddy, Andre. She was his girlfriend Karen's best friend since grade school, and he had told me just a couple of hours in advance that Karen was bringing her friend along because she thought that we would hit it off. It was more like being hit by a freight train. Dating Disaster: Are You A "Businessman" Or A Pimp?

While eating before going to the bar, we talked and found out that we were very much alike. 

Cindy asked Karen to "go powder their noses," and when Karen came back a minute or so before Cindy did, she told me that Cindy thought that I "was perfect," and she wanted us all to go dancing and drinking for the night. When Cindy came back to the table, she asked where I'd like to go dancing, and I chose this nice little bar not far from my house. All agreed and as we left, Cindy took my hand and led me to her car, Karen going with Andre.

At the bar, Cindy signed us up to play pool and we played doubles, winning non-stop. For the next couple of hours she was cuddling up close, dancing like a reclaimed soul from Woodstock, smelling perfect and feeling, well, right. I'd never felt that good with a girl before in my life, never had that "right" feeling, and I was sure that it was love at first sight for both of us. I Went On A Date With A Guy Who Stank Like Hot Garbage

However, about an hour after our first slow dance and our second of many passionate kisses that night (the first was in her car, which Cindy had initiated), her ex-boyfriend walked into the bar with his new girlfriend. When he saw Cindy, he came over and asked her if he could talk to her "for a minute." She excused herself and got up to go talk with him.

She never came back.

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