I'm Planning My Dream Wedding In Three Months!

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After waiting for quite a while, my fiance and I have finally set a wedding date.

You may remember my gripes back in November about not having a set wedding date. My fiancé and I were waiting because of money, stability and priorities. We were (and still are) very young and back then, we were temporarily living in New York, unsure if we were planning to stay. That's when I wrote this post: Don't Have A Set Wedding Date? Join The Club!

Well, things have changed since then. We've moved back to California, where we're from, and things have been more stable. So now, after being engaged for almost two years, my fiancé and I finally set the date for our wedding. It feels unreal — we're getting married in August. I'm officially going to be a Mrs.!

Soon after we moved back to the Bay Area after putting our wedding on hold, wedding discussions naturally came up. So many big questions were in the air — did we want it intimate or large-scale, this year or next year, plated or buffet? We both agreed that we couldn't wait until next summer, especially after being engaged for two years. It was really stressful having an unknown wedding date looming over our heads — we talked about booking it down to City Hall more than once. 4 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

In the end, we agreed that what's important to us is getting married this summer, regardless of the details we were getting bogged down in. If it had to be City Hall, so be it.

We made a day trip of exploring a small coastal town in Northern California, and loved the location and simplicity of planning an event at the cozy beach venue we checked out. It was just our luck, too — a couple had just canceled a much-sought-after Saturday date in August after an emergency wedding (weird, right?!) 

Our families were more frazzled and stressed than happy — we expected that — because of the timing. "How can you plan a wedding in three months?" was a common refrain.

Well, we're going to do it, and it will be my dream wedding. Last Friday, my fiancé and I handed over our deposit, sampled some food and cake, and met with a possible photographer. We also took a nap on the beach where our ceremony will be held, just to get to know the place a bit. It was nice and so stress-free — I hope that bodes well for the entire process!

Think I can plan my dream wedding in three months? Keep checking back for updates!

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