How to Find Your Magic Spot in 5 Easy Steps


Has Prince Charming turned into Frankenstein? Is once upon a time all an illusion?

Once upon a time prince charming showed up on his white horse and off you went; visions of happily ever after dancing through your head. The house in the burbs with a two car garage, 2.5 kids, and the white picket fence complete the dream.

In the blink of an eye 10 years have gone by. Now you are living sleepless parental nights, growing concerns over money, power struggles, late night working hours, sexless days turn into sexless weeks and your fairy tale is officially a nightmare. All conversations are heated and at the very least you walk away with chest pains and feelings of disgust for your partner.

Your storybook life has turned you into a prisoner. You hurt. You ache physically, you’re tired emotionally, and you are feeling abandon. Prince Charming has turned into Frankenstein!

As life goes by you throw yourself deeper into being a mom, the top achiever at work, or the “fixer” to your girlfriends lives. You find yourself spending way more money than you can afford to and to your surprise you daydream about what it would be like with another man. You find yourself making excuses to avoid life. All signs it’s time to STOP.. BREATHE.. and REDISCOVERY YOURSELF!

I am here to tell you there is hope and it’s easily accessible, in fact it’s located directly inside of you. You can’t buy this, you can’t borrow a friends and you can’t read a book to find it. There is a magic spot inside of you, no ladies the OTHER magic spot, where all your answers reside. I am going to tell you in 5 easy steps how to find your magic spot!

When you follow this recipe you will feel instant change happen. You will begin to desire time with yourself and solitude will bring you happiness. Answers appear and what grows inside of you feels softer, kinder, and more manageable.

How to access your MAGIC SPOT:


  • Get Quiet – place yourself in surroundings that are soothing and hold special meaning to you.
  • Take inventory – Identify the one issue that is the loudest; one issue that keeps you awake at night or follows you throughout your day. Gently release the others. Imagine you are packing them away on a shelf or tying them to a balloon that is carrying them far away for now. No worries they will return you are not ignoring them forever.
  • Drop Inside – Simple ask yourself what wants to be revealed with regard to issue you identified – what does it want to say to you? Allow yourself not to censor what you are feeling and thinking.
  • Become the observer – Allow yourself to “sit with” the feeling/ thought. Be mindful of how it shows up in your actions/behaviors. Just watch, do not become overwhelmed with the thought. You are merely an observer
  • Practice acceptance – allow whatever is there to be there; treat it as if it were your friend (in reality it is). When we judge or avoid what IS we create more of the same. Allow whatever is presenting itself to simple be. Talk to the feeling like you would your best friend. Be compassion, understanding, and accepting of what you are feeling. No running, no excuses.. just accept and allow.

After you experience the shift (it doesn’t feel so heavy) ask what your next course of action should be. Be mindful to really surrender to the process. This inner voice will never cause panic or make you feel afraid. If those feelings come in simply ask them to leave. Breathe through it and shift them out.

Don’t wait one more minute. Try this process today and begin to experience the joy you were meant to experience. To learn more visit http://designyourrelationships.com

Veronica or Ronnie as her clients affectionately call her is an International Relationship Coach, and Speaker. She supports her clients in designing relationships that sizzle. Her style is intuitive and informal. Her results are impactful and life-changing!

Veronica uses her witty, warm, charming, and sassy sense of humor to help clients relax, release and get in touch with what really matters to them

Veronica resides in Pennsylvania with her husband. She has two adult sons.