One in 10 Women, Tired Of Waiting For The Guy, Have Proposed

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Why you should under no circumstances pop the question -- no matter how fed up you are.

The women's movement has made it easier for us to crush through many a glass ceiling, have children if and when we want, and enjoy casual hook-ups, but one effect doesn't exactly seem like something to celebrate: More women are popping the question. According to a poll from the online dating site Swoon, one in 10 gals have asked their guy to tie the knot, because they were fed up with waiting for him to do it himself. Gah!

I'm sure there are instances where it makes sense, and the woman feels totally confident in her decision to be the one to propose marriage. More power to those women! But in most cases, I would think asking him yourself is a major bummer. The Stir: Women Really Do Have A Fear Of Oral Sex

For one, it's probably the opposite of empowering.

Most of my close female friends who live with their significant others do enough for their guys as it is, i.e., at least 50 percent of the housework/chores, most of the grocery shopping and cooking, etc., all while working their own jobs. Having to propose yourself seems almost like saying, "Sure, honey, I'm willing to take on ALL the work—including asking you to be my husband." Screw that! The least a guy can do is make up his own mind to get married, plan the proposal, and get on one knee! 

Read more about why women shouldn't propose at The Stir: Women Popping The Question Is Bad For Relationships. What's your opinion on ladies getting down on one knee? Sound off in the comments!

Written by Maressa Brown for The Stir.

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