Choosing the Perfect Online Dating Profile Photo


First impressions count, a picture says a thousand words, so makes sure yours says the right thing!

If you've entered the wide world of on-line dating, and are getting all the wrong sorts of replies to your profile, you may need to think about what your profile says about you. The first thing anyone will look at when they stumble across your on-line dating profile is your picture. Forget about how amazing your personal description is, or your tag line. 99% of people unfortunately will judge a book by its cover and make a snap decision whether or not they want to learn more about you by what they see from your picture. With lots of London deals available for restaurants and attractions these days, wouldn't you like to bag a date as soon as possible?!

If you haven't got a picture on your dating profile, you may as well not be on the dating site! Would you trust someone that doesn't have a picture, or even feel attracted to them. There is the air of mystery of course, but one of the major factors to consider with online dating is staying safe.

So by adding a picture to your profile you're making your profile attractive and approachable. That's the first step.

Now you've got to make that picture work for you. A picture can speak a thousand words. You need to decided what sort of person you are looking to attract with your profile. You've probably done this already by filling out the "Looking for" boxes and the hobbies and interests. If you're looking to settle down, putting up a semi naked photo of yourself may attract you a lot of attention, but this will be from guys and girls generally only looking for one thing. Do you want to be the type of date that gets bragged about and congratulated by friends, or do you want to be the type of date that could be taken home to meet the parents. 

If it's the latter, then this is what you would want your profile picture to reflect. A natural, un-posed photo taken by a friend while you're having a good time is a great way to reflect your personality. If potential dates can see your happy, honest smiling face they'll feel at ease with you and it's likely they'll want to learn more about what makes you happy by reading your profile and even contacting you.It's a good idea to look well groomed in your photo though, although natural is good, the just got back from camping look isn't.

Self-shooting for your pictures is a big no-no. Standing in front of the mirror with your phone or camera might seem like the quickest and easiest way to get a good photo, but it just looks lazy, and a little bit dumb, and unless you get the perfect angle, the flash will bounce back and hide your face.Putting up old photos is not a good idea either. You'll be misleading your potential date and if you do meet and you don't look anything like the photo from your graduation day. That won't get your date off to a good start.

If you have children, or pets, and these are a huge part of your life, including them in your photo is not a bad thing. If it's important to find a partner who is comfortable with dogs, then those put off by a dog in your profile photo are not for you, so this will save you both time! Remember, first impressions are everything and could be the key to finding the perfect partner.