Could You Go On 10 Dates In One Month?

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Take Essence magazine's Ultimate Summer Dating Challenge.

The Challenge

"10 Dates… in one month… are you crazy, Paul? That's six more dates than I went on all of last year!"

That was the initial response from one of 20 ladies with whom I recently completed a 30-day experiment. The results of the one-month exercise were compelling. So much so, that I'm publicly challenging my readers to participate.

Here's the challenge: In the month of July, I challenge you to ask and go out on at least 10 dates with 10 different men. Yes, you read that correctly, you (the woman) must initiate and ask 10 men on dates. If you do, I predict, your dating life will change, possibly forever.

Be Sure You're Ready

Now keep in mind, this challenge is not for everyone. If you are tired of dating or at all distraught with the courting process, I actually suggest doing the opposite and take a dating sabbatical. This challenge is for the bold, the brazen, for the ladies ready to make a summer blitz! Essence: 6 Reasons To Take A Summer Dating Sabbatical

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