Guys And Dolls: Man Marries Mannequin

Ned Nefner married to his mannequin wife Teagan

To love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, until...your dolls parts break?

Ned Nefner, 38, is happily married to his 6-foot-tall mannequin wife, Teagan. The two met back in the '80s when Ned spent some time in a Children's Home. Teagan was just a head when they began their relationship. Over time, he built her a body and eventually the two were married in 1986. You can follow Ned and Teagan's adventures as they sojourn back to the site of their meeting on their Facebook page, The Guy Pushing the Mannequin. "I hope it doesn't rain because when it does, it fogs up the camera and the pictures don't come out really good. We want to take a picture outside of the old Children's Home on State Street," he said of their trip. While we don't want to s**t on Ned's happy marriage, the clinical term for his condition is known as agalmatophilia, a sexual attraction to mannequins. The Frisky: 10 Crazy Sexual Practices We Were Totally Unaware Of

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