Promiscuous Men And Agreeable Women Most Successful Daters

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Masculine men and down-to-earth women have an edge when dating, says a new speed dating study.

Promiscuous dudes and down-to-earth girls may have the edge when it comes to dating. Well, at least in terms of speed dating.

A new study published in Psychological Science found that people who fit their gender stereotypes—men who don't commit and women who are warm and trustworthy—are better able to judge their own attractiveness. Why? Researchers say that those who conform to such stereotypes get more practice in the field. Six Stereotypes That Could Harm Your Dating Life

Here's the breakdown: Men who are promiscuous put themselves out there more than shy guys. Thus, they interact with more ladies and develop a fine-tuned understanding of what women are interested in. As for the girls, those who give off a friendly, agreeable vibe—as opposed to an aloof one—attract more male attention, also leading to more dating experience.

Before reaching these conclusions, researchers in Germany observed 200 men and 200 women in a speed-dating group. Before the three-minute dates began, participants filled out questionnaires that measured their sociosexuality and agreeableness. They were also asked to predict how many dates they thought they’d snag by the end of the night.

As is standard with speed dating, participants filled out a scorecard after interacting with each person, recording whether or not they were interested in seeing him or her again. Researchers then compared the actual number of yeses with the number of yeses each dater expected.30 Speed Dating Dos And Don'ts

Overall, most participants were far from accurate when predicting how successful they'd be at speed dating. But still, men who were classified as more promiscuous, and women who fit into the "agreeable" had the most accurate attraction rate.

Of course, the results of this study rely pretty heavy on each participants self evaluation. Considering that, shouldn't it be more about confidence than stereotypes? Either way, the next time you find yourself prepping for a night of rapid fire "getting-to-know-you" speed dating, exhibiting the aforementioned qualtiies could help you snag a plethora of phone numbers and potential matches by the end of the night.

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