Study: Single Parents Date More Than Childless Singles

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New study says single parents have more dating success than singles without kids.

Listen up, single parents looking for love: has released a new study that reflects the growing number of single parents dating (and finding success!) online.

According to the popular dating site, 21 percent of single parents are currently dating someone versus 16 percent of singles without kids. Likewise, 35 percent of single parents have been on a first date in the past year versus 27 percent of childless singles.

Single parents know that one of the touchiest parts of dating with kids is knowing when and how to introduce your new significant other to your children. According to Match, 25 percent of single parents waited 2-3 months and 58 percent of them said "they would first invite their children and date to an activity outside of the house." compiled some great tips for single parents trying to gracefully balance both their kids and personal lives. For starters, postpone the kid talk to the third or fourth date. A first date should be about two people getting to know one another, and as a single parent, it's important to remember your kids do not define you. Of course, you shouldn't pretend that you don’t have kids either, but initially it's OK to express how you're a proud parent and move on to talking about other things.

Are you a single parent? What dating tips do you have for other single parents?

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