Community Spotlight: What's The Worst Fight You've Ever Had?

A married couple fights over the TV remote control.
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Recently, Traditional Love shared the secret that no one ever tells newlyweds—that married people fight differently than people who are just dating. YourTango user georgegayegamboa shared some marriage advice his father gave him:

Our 49 year old marriage would not have lasted this long were it not for my father's warning before we got married: "Remember, you and your siblings were raised by the same parents, with the same values and same background but you guys still fight and argue. All of sudden you'll have a roommate from another background and family values - of course you'll argue! But remember these 2 things: 1) Never go to bed without making up after an argument and 2) Do not ever fight about money."

The annoying "little" things add up when two people live together, and it's perfectly normal for them to occasionally result in a big, bad blowup. What's the worst fight you ever had with your spouse? Was it worse than any you had while dating? Join the conversation: The Marriage Secret Nobody Likes To Admit — Revealed

Over on the Ask YourTango forum, YourTango user Doodlebug is wondering how to end her marriage. The painful process is even more complicated, because she's recently met someone new:

After about 7 years of not being in love with my husband I finally realized I do not want to be married... About 2 months ago, I told my husband that he had til Sept to get his act together or I was leaving. I had it all worked out, that I would hold off until Sept. But, a month ago, I met someone. I was not looking, but was introduced to this guy from a mutual friend. This guy and I have hit it off. He has told me that in know way does he want to be the reason I end my marriage. That he only wants me to do what is best for me and to take my time, and make sure this is what I want, as he understands how ending my marriage will change my life. Here is my question, how do I end my marriage without my husband or girls knowing I have met someone?

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Do you have any advice for Doodlebug? Should she be completely honest about her new love interest or spare her children and husband the details? Join the conversation: /node/73215