Who On Earth Checks Facebook Or Twitter While Having Sex?

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No one @YourTango would EVER tweet during sex. #sex #study #socialmedia #obviousthings

In a perfect, sexually satisfied world, people would give up just about anything to do the deed. "The dishes need to be done? Let's have a quickie first, honey. Need to update your Facebook status? Not until you reach a climax, mister!"

Unfortunately, we don't live in such a perfect world of sexual satisfaction. Instead, we're too busy with technology; so busy, in fact, that some of us will drop just about anything to check Facebook or Twitter — we'll even interrupt sex. WOW: 20 Percent Of Women Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Facebook

That depressing realization comes straight from a recent study of the social media habits of Australians. Marketing company Tick Yes surveyed 885 Aussies and found that about 34 percent of them access their social networking sites while in bed. And about three percent of them check them during intimate moments.

Now, three percent may not seem like a large number. In truth, it's somewhat comforting to know that at least 97 percent of people have the decency to ignore their cell phone alerts when getting frisky. But what about those remaining few people? Perhaps we should #OccupyBedrooms everywhere until men and women can fully appreciate sex again? Just How Much Sex Is Going On At Occupy Wall Street?

Of course, this is a survey of Australians, so if conducted among Americans the results would obviously be different. But we're not so convinced just how different those results would be; and, if there was a large gap, it likely wouldn't be in our favor.

The survey also found some other interesting facts, like that 21.5 percent of people check their social networks while hitting the bathroom. Hm, makes you think twice before you use your friend's iPhone, right?

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