Love SEO: 3 Expert Ways To Optimize Your Online Dating Search

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Love is just a click away when you follow these expert tips for successful online dating.

Any online business knows that the secret to success is branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So why not bring that knowledge to your online dating quest? The YourTango staff recently attended the first-ever Single In Stilettos conference — an event that helped single women learn about the latest dating trends and learn tips from the experts — where Krissy Dolor of eflirtexpert.com gave us tips for finding love online. With these SEO secrets, you can show up more often in men's searches — and in their dreams.

1. Your Profile Picture: Wear red! For some reason, men are more attracted to this color. Physical attraction is the spark that starts most relationships, so the profile picture is a key component to getting a date online. Don't try to swap in a photo of your skinnier, younger sister or use Photoshop. Just take the time to get a flattering image of yourself. Go light on the makeup, medium on the cleavage and high on the enthusiasm. Positivity (meaning a smile) is attractive, and look directly into the camera to mimic the eye contact you would give him in person. Krissy recommends a crop that includes your waist, so you're not a floating head. 10 Reasons to Give Online Dating a Try

2. Number of Visits: Log in to your profile daily. It seems like a high commitment, but just think of it as practice for when you find the guy you will end up texting back every day. If you change something about your profile each time you visit, you will keep showing up as new in the site database. Often, online dating sites keep a list of new, recently updated or recently logged in users on their homepage. Keep visiting, and you will always be seen. It also shows that you are serious about finding love, and willing to work for it.

3. Your Messages: When you are sending out a message to potential dates, keep it personal. Don't send the same generic message to every guy. Try to make it specific for each man based on their profile and what caught your interest. Also, when you are describing yourself, include simple keywords that are popular in searches (like cooking, sports or love) — and false advertising is not welcomed.

What tricks have you learned that increase your popularity (and success) on online dating sites?