Second-Hand Wedding Dresses: Sad Or Savvy?

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Why you should consider using online services for second-hand wedding gowns.

Maybe it's because we're just barely out of a recession, or that vintage clothing has become fashionable again, but wearing a second-hand wedding dress has started becoming a more viable option. Recycled Bride, a popular online marketplace for used wedding attire and paraphernalia, lets vendors sell everything from jewelry, veils, and table decor in addition to gowns. The website isn't some fancy eBay knockoff, either. It's a business that attracts over 100,000 women a month. Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Over the summer, founder and CEO Tracy DiNunzio gave a compelling argument to Fox News for why you should consider buying or selling a used wedding dress. 5 Things To Know Before You Plan A Wedding

For one thing, the dresses aren't like what you'd find in a neighborhood thrift store. Over 50 percent of the gowns listed online have never been worn, having come from "two dress brides" who end up wearing a different dress than the one they had originally purchased. Secondly, after all the anticipation, money and time spent on a wedding dress, it's a little unfortunate that many of them are relegated to back of an attic. Thirdly, her service saves you money, as it offers discounted prices on designers as high-end as Vera Wang. Plus, on Recycled Bride, there are no commissions or listing fees. The 9 Worst Retail Chains For A Wedding

Actress Alicia Silverstone also lauded Recycled Bride, noting its eco-friendly appeal. Typically, a wedding dress enters an intense process of chemical dyeing, manufacture and transport being ending up at your local boutique. The rising popularity of second-hand wedding dresses could reduce the carbon footprint brides leave when they purchase a gown that they will only wear once. 

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