Love Bytes: Natalie Portman Pickup Tips

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Plus, Blue Valentine, 7 sexiest menshes, back-to-school hotspots and more.

Ten must-click stories from around the Web on love, relationships, sex and Bad Romance.

Want to attract some men this fall? Of course you do. Natalie Portman shows us how—it's called hot and easy. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

Before the Jewish High Holidays close, we would like to pay tribute to these seven mensches you want to take home and introduce to your mother. While you're thinking of it, would it kill you to give her a call right now? [Nerve]

What does it say when our friend's opinions change how we feel about a guy we like? C'mon, you know you've been there. [Glamour]

What are the back-to-school hotspots for picking up members of the opposite sex? Hint: not where you might think. [HuffPo]

Is online dating a waste of time? This time, readers chimed in! We pulled up seats for this one. [Yahoo! Shine]

Check out this footage of Courtney Love singing the classic, "Bad Romance." Left only one question on our collective minds—is she dying? [Buzzfeed]

You gotta express yourself? Well, this dude has something to say about it. [College Candy]

If you're reading this, chances are way above average that you'd shoot a sex tape to advance your career. [Asylum]

This was late-breaking news last week, but we're still thinking about it. You know the fights you have with your partner, the same ones over and over? Well, this woman finally ended the porn fight, with a stabbing. [New York Post]

And finally, something to look forward to. The hot new indie flick coming out this December 31, Blue Valentine, portrays a marriage in a near-documentary style. Intense. [Em & Lo]