5 Ways To Get Psyched For Valentine's Day

how to get in the mood for valentines day

This list will knock the too-cool-for-V-Day cynic right out of you.

Now that the Christmas trees and Menorahs are packed away, it's obviously time to start preparing for Valentine's Day. The festive among us have already put up red heart-shaped lights, but some of us just aren't feeling the swoon. It shouldn't be this hard. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and, well, we love love! For some reason, however, the thought of celebrating this Hallmark holiday has some of us feeling so-so, at best. How to get in the mood?

1. Read. US: Americans Talk About Love (Faber and Faber) recently became available in bookstores around the country. A collection of narratives about the ups, downs and in betweens of love from Americans of all ages and backgrounds, this thick tome has enough awww moments to make even the most hard-hearted among us go weepy. Don't worry, though. Us is a smart, frank read. What, did you think we were going to suggest a romance novel? How To Star In Your Own Romance Novel

2. Personalize. We love that John Cusack's High Fidelity character made a mix CD every time he crushed on someone new. How to make a mix that rivals his? It'll be tough. He is John Cusack, after all. But you could always personalize the case. And for the love of god, be selective with your song choices. Everyone loves Ben Folds' "The Luckiest." But if you include the Kaiser Chiefs' "Every Day I Love You Less and Less," the recipient will wonder what message you're trying to send—no matter how danceable it is. Mixtapes & 6 Other Obsolete Love Trends