Are You Hot Enough For This Dating Site?

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Jude Law and Elizabeth Hurley aside, finds most Brits not hot enough.

If you you think your online dating experience should be as glossy and exclusive as the velvet ropes of a celebrity-laden hangout or pages of Vogue magazine then get thee to is a dating site for all of you who get queasy double-clicking through the reams of average-looking folks on normal sites. If human imperfections make you gag, then it may be time to run your profile picture through the Photoshop monkeys and try your luck at Beautiful But don't expect a coveted slot. In the same vain as a Tyra Banks-worthy model casting call, you may just not be what it takes. Beauty Rituals: U.S. vs. France

As was the case with, oh, over 80% of the British who signed up. is reportedly a bit discriminatory against the Brits. Blame it on all the fish, chips and stout.

According to a recent item in the Telegraph, about one in eight British men make the cut and about three in every 20 women. Pretty pathetic results for the English.

I think there is less emphasis on appearance in the UK than overseas,"  Beautiful People managing director Greg Hodge said. "If you go to some countries they are very into how they look - very health and body conscious. The UK attitude is a bit more about kicking back and relaxing, and having a few drinks in the pub after work."

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