What Would You Do To Get Your Husband Out Of Jail?

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A Midwestern woman deserves the significant other of the week award.

Pop culture has made plenty of hay (hey hey hey) of men doing very brave things in the name of love. Not Without My Daughter and Commando featured parents taking on very bad men. Every Mel Gibson film seems to involve revenge for murdered wives. Legends Of The Fall was pretty much nothing but vengeance by a very put-out Brad Pitt. And almost every other movie revolves around a virtuous man rescuing a damsel-in-distress. Not very often do we get anything worth watching about a lady saving her dude (except in soft porn). Maybe the following tale could become that seminal movie.

Per our friends at Lemondrop, a Midwestern woman had a husband who chose an unorthodox way to make ends meet: selling meth. Unfortunately, he got pinched and was sent up the river for a lengthy stretch. She wasn't happy; her kids were distraught. So, she did what ANY of us would do: turn criminal informant. She approached the police in her city and traded her safety to reduce her husband's 15-year sentence. And did she deliver.

Like Nancy Botwin (Weeds) crossed with William Costigan (The Departed) and a pinch of Sidney Bristow (Alias), she managed to gain the confidence of the Crystal Meth, USA underworld provided the police with enough info to send the gangsters to prison. THAT is a heck of a wife. In fact, she gets the first Tomfoolery "significant other of the week" award. A less awesome wife would have enjoyed a year of conjugal visits and then start phasing things out. Read: Woman Busted For Sneaking Into Prison For Sex

What would you do if your spouse got shipped upstate?