Considered a cougar at what age?

Considered a cougar at what age?

Cougars at thirty?

Okay so what is the definition of a cougar today? I thought that a cougar was considered a ruthless and lusty woman in her late forties or fifties, someome who is out prowling for young rich men to devour and give spankings to. I also thought that thirty is now to be considered the new twenty.

If a woman is in her late tewnties approaching thirty is she considered an old crone allready or is she still being seen as a young vibrant thang to be lusted after.
Every woman want's to be lusted after by a georgous man, but when is it time to pack in the stilletos and pop on the prairie shoes?

I surely do not consider myself a cougar, i'm looking at thirty soon and i'm not done embracing my young vibrant side, come to think of it i never will be done, no one should ever be done.

So when is it safe to consider yourself a cougar? When i get to be in my forties and fifties and if by that time i'm still single and looking "that would suck" but personally i would be offended if someone were to label me a cougar just because i don't want to be alone. Just because you hit a certain age doesn't mean you should stop looking for companionship, sex and to share happiness with another.

So what are these thirty somethings doing complaining about age and the fear of being labeled as cougars?

I say stop dragging your sweat pant covered bottoms around your pastel coverered apartments and call up your girlfriends to go dancing!

If infact thirty is considered the new twenty, than forty is the new thirty and fifty is the new forty so let's all just keep our sexy shoes by the door and throw away the boxes they came in.

I think that women in their thirtys should stop obessing over age and enjoy life and don't call yourselves cougars!