Tracking Your Partner Via GPS: Would You Do It?


Is this new tiny tracking device the new DIY private investigator?

If you could map your partner's every step, would you? (It's OK to be honest. We're not judging here.) While the Little Buddy Child Tracker was devised to keep an eye on school-aged children, it did cross our minds that this could become a piece to a new do-it-yourself private investigator kit. Catch that cheater in the act! Cheating Myths Debunked

The device allows the parent (or husband, wife, whatever the case may be...) to track via computer or smartphone. It even sends text message alerts if the trackee doesn't arrive at scheduled destinations.

It retails for $99 at and can be held in the palm of your hand. Now, because your partner is most likely smarter than a fifth grader, he or she will probably find the device in his/her belongings and wonder what the hell is going on. But if you've ever been caught snooping, I'm sure it won't take long for your S.O. to put the clues together. How Snooping Helped Me Survive Divorce

But this is a step up from AT&T's FamilyMaps service. Introduced earlier this year, the service allows users within the same family plan to track any of the other cell phones in the plan. The difference? FamilyMaps texts the person being tracked to inform them they are being watched. And then sends periodic emails thereafter. That's the exact opposite of what a jealous GF wants. So the Little Buddy Child Tracker is looking pretty good in comparison. You know, if you were a stalker kind of spouse.

The real question: If you could implant a microscopic device into his/her belongings, and you were guaranteed that it would go unnoticed, would you use it? Tell us what you think below.