#DudesPleaseStart Doing These 7 Things


Get relationship advice in 140 characters or less.

The Twitter net has been OTR ("off the rack," shorty) the last few days with hash tag tweets (hash tags are the pound sign placed before a word or phrase like #this, and are a way of saying "this is cool" and "we're on the same team"). The superstar hash tags today were mad relationship-y and included: #HesCuteBut, #ShesCuteBut and #LadiesPleaseStop. The hash tags are then followed by a pithy reason that he/she is not cute and what ladies need to cease doing. Delightful. Read: Fill In the Blank: He's Cute But...

We're going to get #DudesPleaseStart cranked with your help. These are 7 things dudes can start doing:

1) #DudesPleaseStart going to the dentist. I know that you think dentistry is quackery but ladies dig nice breath, regular gums and white teeth. Read: Find Out If You're Kissable

2) #DudesPleaseStart try being on the bottom. Just because she's on top doesn't mean that she's the boss of you, guy. Hopefully, it will mean she's doing her fair share of work and pacesetting.

3) #DudesPleaseStart complimenting your lady on the regular. Dudes, ladies love compliments; keep giving semi-sincere to sincere ones and you will be rewarded.

4) #DudesPleaseStart writing letters. I know you isn't Lord Byron up in this motherlover. I also know that there is a certain permanence to pen and paper that literally (figuratively) makes ladies' underpants fall off.

5) #DudesPleaseStart dropping the toilet seat. I know it's ridonkulous but this is evidently a big-time lady complaint. On the plus side, this move will put the more annoying comediennes out of a work completely... Worth it… big time.

6) #DudesPleaseStart owning more than two towels. One wet and one dry is not any way to go through life. A female guest could literally lose her mind if she tries to clean and has to choose between a moist, dirty towel and an arid dirty towel. She is going to have sex with someone else.

7) #DudesPleaseStart eating fish. Fish is high in Omega 3. Omega 3 makes you a better person. Ladies like better persons, I've heard.

And maybe, #DudesPleaseStart knowing your lady's lady cycle. This could prevent some problems.

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