Marge Simpson Poses For Playboy


Homer's wife becomes Playboy's first cartoon cover girl and centerfold

We always suspected that underneath Marge Simpson's dowdy exterior was a blue-haired wildcat waiting to run loose.

The animated wife and mother of three will appear in Playboy's November issue, on sale October 16. Not only is Marge going to be the November cover girl, but she's also getting a three-page spread! And we're sorry to disappoint Mr. Burns, but Marge will not be baring all. Instead, the pictorial will merely hint at what the former Miss Bouvier has been hiding under that green frock all these years via sexy lingerie shots. Hmm...wonder if she'll take off or leave on her trademark pearls?

Marge's cover is a newsstand-only exclusive. Playboy subscribers will see a human celeb on their covers.

With the average Playboy reader in his mid-30s, CEO Scott Flanders has been looking for ways to attract the coveted twentysomething crowd. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that doing something that was "obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek," like making Marge a naughty cover girl, could be just what Dr. Hibbert ordered. Flanders explained that, "It had never been done, and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual."

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Wait, the mag's CEO is a Flanders? D'oh! Let's hope Homer doesn't find out about that, or he may not be okilee dokilee with his wife's new gig. Marge & Homer Simpson