Woman Marries Rickshaw Driver On Vacation

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It took three days for this American tourist to fall head over heels for an Indian rickshaw driver.

Over at Yahoo! (via AFP), they have a charming little story about a tourist, a rickshaw driver and a really, really short courtship.

Per the report, an autorickshaw driver (it's like a fancy pants golfcart) was hired by a 26-year-old American tourist called Whitney (she sounds hot) to squire her around the city of Jaipur during a short stay. The cabbie's name is Harish Hotala and after a few days in the American woman's company, he had a fever. And the only cure to that fever was more Whitney. Read: Flying Solo: Top Single Girl Getaways

So, on day three of their arrangement, Hotala popped the question to young Whitney and she agreed. They were married the Wednesday following their Saturday introduction. She rocked a sari and said her parents were largely cool with the whole situation. Her father said, "So this is what they mean by 'going native,' interesting*" She's due to return to the States in another week or so. Read: Is One Month Into Dating Too Soon To Get Hitched?

You always hear about young, American women being swept off their feet by European or Latin lovers with smooth accents and artistic streaks (and American men by crafty prostitutes from Southeast Asia), but you rarely hear about blue collar Indian entrepreneurs putting the charm on so thick. It's a whole new world, I guess. Read: How To Make Long-Distance Love Work

Rumor has it that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom became engaged after 12 days of dating, so Whitney and Harish must have had four times as much love at first sight.

While sex tourism, adventure tourism and even medical tourism are on the rise, I wonder if an age of spouse tourism isn't too far off? If so, I hope it's as hilarious as Coming To America.

*Note: He said nothing of the sort.