My Husband Used To Be A Jerk!

My Husband Used to be a Jerk!

Ladies, my story has a typical beginning, middle but a VERY different ending!

Like many of us, I was caught up in the "romance" of love and marriage. I found my prince charming in 1986 and within 2 years we were married spending 10 glorious days in a private house on the Virgin Islands planning out nothing...we were madly in love and 100% compatible. So compatiable, in fact, that we never fought...not once in 18 years.

Flash forward...

3 kids, a growing business and time caused minor and inperceptible changes to our marriage, our relationship and our very lives. Like so many of us, I became a mom and being a career woman, had a slight transistional problem with giving up my career to raise these kids. It wasn't an easy transition, but one that I KNEW was the right decision to make.

Along the way, my husband and I slowly drifted apart. This drifiting was as slow as the tectonic plate shifts of our planet. Most days were full of family fun and joy. Romance? That could wait till Saturday, don't you remember violin lessons at 6? We have a cook out on Friday and gee, Bob...I am SO TIRED...

One day I woke up and had this uneasy feeling that my husband was gone. Not physically, mind you. He came home every night after working very hard and continued to show me the love and affection he always had. Something...I couldn't put my finger on it....was different.

OMG...I think he is having an affair.

I asked him about it and he denied it.

There was no evidence and I hated myself for snooping. I only did this when my mind raced and my self-esteem suffered.

Despite over a year of denial and reassurance, we decided the silent rift was worthy of counseling. We both went to counseling and within a few months, the shame and pain was fully revealed...he was having an affair.


I will update you on the process at a later time, but rest assured, with 3 children involved, after the shock subsided, we had to make some NON-EMOTIONAL decisions. After continued counseling and therapy, we elected to USE this bombshell to rekindle OUR romance and re-build a connection that was obviously missing in both our lives.

Relationships...ah...relationships. Love them or hate them, but as human beings we all desire them. My marriage and my life has had more ups and downs than I would wish upon my worst enemy. But after years of reflection, healing and TRUE growth, I wouldn't trade it for anything. My NEW affair is with my husband and he even wrote a book on "Making his Wife Hot".'s a bit of a chauvinistic title, but ladies, you should read it! The content was provided by both of us and let me tell you, IT WORKS!

I lost ALL the post pregnancy flab, dressed up, started light experimentation with our bedroom activities, and most importantly, HE became prince charming again! We both had to change some things in our lives in order to create the storybook romance we both desired...yeah...I used to be a bit frumpy, but my friends all say I'm the hottest wife in our neighborhood now!

I can confidently state that if you read and apply the physical, emotional, and psychological triggers in this book, you can PREVENT an affair and any of the pain of a loveless marriage.

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