Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos And Don'ts

Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts
Road trips can be full of adventure and discovery, from figuring out where the nearest available bathroom is to finding the cheapest diner. As points out, a road trip can be the perfect way to bond with your partner, using those long uninterrupted hours to uncover the name of his imaginary childhood friend or finally getting him to spill about his secret dream to be on Dancing With The StarsRead: DWTS: Passion On The Dance Floor…And Off?
Be warned, however. Road trips can also be long, tiring, and bring out the grouch in everyone. Here is a list of a few road trip dos and don’ts to make sure you avoid any unnecessary bumps during your travels.
1. Do bring food and water. You should stock up on snacks and drinks to avoid getting cranky. 
2. Don't take your shoes off and put your feet on the dash. You don't want to stare at his toes while driving, do you?
3. Do compromise on the music selection. Make some mixed CDs for the road that you will both enjoy listening to. And if you simply cannot go that long without listening to Beyonce’s latest tune, be sure to bring a pair of earphones.
4. Don’t spring unwanted relationship questions on him. We know we said this is a good way to get to know your newest fling, but start with simple questions like "How many cousins do you have?" not "I’m thinking a white house with blue shutters a dog, a cat, and two turtles. What are your thoughts on neutering the pets?" Along the same lines, don’t force him to take the latest Cosmo quiz: Is he marriage material? Watch: Why Do Men Get Married?
5. Do bring extra headache medication. We’re just saying.
6. Don’t try to "wing it" when it comes to directions. MapQuest where you are going or better yet, buy a GPS.

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