In the passion of the Storm

In the passion of the Storm
Love, Sex

                                                          July 1, 2008
In the passion of the storm.

Lightening flashes and flares spreading out over the darkened sky . Rolling thunder
rumbling, the earth. In the fury of the storm trees bending and branches swaying in
the fierceness of the wind. Torrents of rain heavily pelting the roof and slamming
against the windows.

Our lips meet ravaging tenderly, teasing tormented caresses, our fingers interlaced,
eyes locked languid with desire. Sucumbent to the raging fire within . Surrendering
our bodies to the lust of unity. Tremors of sweetest pleasure.

As the storm outside wanes and droplets of rain sparsely, dripping from the eaves
and leaves, a glistening shimmer,  thunder trembles lightly and the lightening a
faint flicker on the near horizon.

Our bodies heated and saited curling into each other, our fingers entwined, my head
upon your chest, your heartbeat against my ear returning to normal. Eyes sleepy
now spent lightly our lips meet, un whispered words. For the passion of the storm
needs no words.

Written by BB