Guy Ritchie Dating Elle Macpherson?

Guy Ritchie

You have to give it to Guy Ritchie: the bloke doesn’t let grass grow under his feet. After rumors that he and ex-wife Madonna didn’t have sex for ages because of her workout and beauty regimen, the director has seemingly made short work of getting back in the game. The divorced Ritchie has been spending time with his RocknRolla producer Lauren Meek and heiress Jemima Khan. But while Madonna enjoys her new younger boyfriend, Ritchie has upgraded even further. Oh yes, Guy Ritchie is now dating Elle Macpherson. You know, the supermodel known as "The Body," Sports Illustrated cover model, designs lingerie? The couple was seen getting cozy during a romantic dinner in London Monday night and was deeply engrossed in conversation before leaving the restaurant separately to avoid being seen together in the wee hours of the morning.

These are just the beginnings of rumors surrounding Ritchie and MacPherson but something tells us it would be hard for the director not to fall for the supermodel lock, stock and two smoking barrels. We'll keep you posted.

Scoop courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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