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Single on Vday who CARES!!!!!!!!


I am single on V-day and have not celebrated it for 4yrs now and honestly don't miss it.  It's a holiday that's based around couples showing consideration for each  other with cheap looking teady bears, heartboxe's of candy and flowers that die. Who cares?  If you don't show the person you love consideration everyday one day out of the year does not make a difference.  If you love your significant other take them out to a nice dinner whenever you can, get them a card just because.  It is the little things that count when showing a person you love them.  They like to know that they are on your mind and in your heart without asking you.  Showing your loved one you care and giving them some special attention should come natural not when it's a superficial holiday that's just another way for consumer's to spend money.  Me personally if you love me i want to know it everyday not just february the 14th if everyone lived by that what would be the need for the holiday?


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