Guy Ritchie Moving On With Jemima Khan?

How is this for instant gratification? It looks like Guy Ritchie, per ShowBizSpy, is dating your aunt Jemima Khan. If you live in the UK, you may recognize Jemima Khan as glamorous socialite. If you’re not familiar with the London social scene, you'll probably sort of remember Jemima Khan as that hot little number that Hugh Grant used to tote about. No, not Elizabeth Hurley (or that hookie Divine Brown). Rumor has it that she and Hugh Grant split because he was really disappointed in her effort back on Valentine's Day Aught Seven. Which goes to show that you can't please everyone all of the time but you can fool some of the people some of the time.

Guy Ritchie, for his part, is coming through a high-profile divorce with a woman named Madonna (presumably after the virgin mother of 2 billion people's lord and savior). Not sure if you've heard of what's going down between film director Ritchie and Madonna (you may have been living in a cave for all we know), but it doesn't seem like much fun. At this point, we're fairly loath to mention any new info on this divorce because status and details seem to change minute to minute. And things once thought to be fact have been cast on the trash heap as hearsay (possibly heresy, if you follow the Madonna line tightly).

So, what are we to believe? We know this much: Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing. We know that Alex Rodriguez is a heck of a baseball player and seems to enjoy Madonna's company. And we seem to know that Jemima Khan and Guy Ritchie attended a dinner party in each other's company earlier this month. A date to a dinner party seems pretty innocuous, right? If you're above the age of 22, isn't it a little weird to go to a dinner party solo? It could be a 'scam' or some manner of 'as friends' scenario. We've got a strong feeling that this 'dating Jemima Khan' business is another in a long line of half-truths and red herrings in the ongoing saga of Madge and Guy. Wake us up when there's an actual settlement or when A-Rod and Madonna get married.

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