A-Rod “Going Through A Phase”

A-Rod “Going Through A Phase”

Yankees star asks ex-wife to wait for him until he’s done cheating.

Umm, WHAT?!?  According to Page Six Magazine, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez believes in keeping the bases loaded when it comes to his love life and is asking his now ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez to wait for him.  The article says that although A-Rod is seeing Madonna, he’s still in love with his wife and is asking for her patience and to wait for him while he works his way through this phase.  According to a ‘baseball insider’, “He has always wanted to be a superstar and he is in awe of Madonna, but Cynthia is his true love and best friend. He has been asking her to just let him get through this obsession.” 

Wait, it gets better.  The article states that accepting this situation seems really difficult for Cynthia because Madonna’s possessiveness prohibits A-Rod from spending any time with his ex, with the insider saying, “Madonna is completely insensitive to her and possessive of him.” 

Ok, so A-Rod wants his wife to wait until Madonna is tired of him and then he’ll go back to her?  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Evidently she caught him in his “affair of the heart” with Madonna and divorced him. Why in the world would she even consider going back to someone who has evidently cheated on her more than once?  This is difficult because Madonna won’t let them talk?  How about this is complicated because he cheated on her almost immediately after having their second child?!?  It’s not complicated, it’s ridiculous.  

Look, for anyone who has ever been in a situation like this, you know that people can say whatever they like to make sure that they have as many options as possible.  Someone who will cheat on you once will do it again and it’s never just a “phase.”  Plus, he says that Cynthia is his true love and best friend.  If this is how he treats his best friend, can you imagine how he treats his enemies?  It sounds like he and his libido are really the best friends and at that point, Cynthia needs to move on and find someone who won’t cheat on her or use lame excuses like, “I need to experience what it’s like to have an upgrade, and then I’ll come back.”

 Cynthia, girl, move on.  Nothin’ to see here but more of the same. You were married to Mr. Wrong long enough.  Go find yourself Mr. Right.



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