Reality Shows Rock

Reality Shows Rock
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Another whirlwind engagement on The Bachelorette.

I watched the finale of the Bachelorette last night. WTF? I didn't think she had chemistry with either one of them, but what I really dont understand is how she got engaged to him when she said she was "falling in love" with about 17 other men at the same time. I mean, how did Jesse feel when he had to watch her crying over Graham and Jeremy?

I love bad TV.

But what I would really love to see is what happens right after they get engaged and the cameras go off. Did DeAnna look at Jesse and think, WHOA. I'm totally engaged to a dude that is kind of a stranger. And he says gnarly a lot.

I remember the night that Fred and I got engaged. When I was lying next to him in bed, trying to catch glimpses of my new bling in the dark, there was still that tiny part of me that was freaking out. Do I know everything about him? Are we really going to be in love forever? What if that cute little smacking his lips thing he does when he's hungry is incredibly irritating in 20 years? And I had known him for TWO YEARS.

I can't imagine getting engaged to somebody that I had known for six weeks. On a national dating show.

I'm sure Jesse and DeAnna will go the way of all the other Bachelor/Bachelorette couples (besides Trista and Ryan) and call it quits in a few months when he realizes that Newnan, Georgia isn't as exciting as the Bahamas and she realizes that surfer-speak may be "rad" for a few weeks, but really annoying for any serious length of time.

But by that point, we'll be watching the next poor Bachelor (Jason, perhaps?) select his woman of the moment from a harem of desperate ladies. I'll gossip about it with my friends (can you believe she said that on national tv??) and then crawl into bed with Fred and hold him tight, thankful that he loves me for all my quirks even my bad reality tv show addiction.

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