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Online Dating Goes Uber-Niche

Online Dating Goes Uber-Niche

Into ferrets? Tattoos? Turns out there are online dating sites just for you.

If general dating websites have let you down, join the club.

One in five people who turn to eHarmony for matches receive a “Dear John” rejection letter, excluded for reasons such as sexual orientation and religious preference. Should you fail to find your fish in the big sea, try looking in a smaller pond: the über-niche dating site.

If your tastes are super-specific—we’re talking “Dewy Decimal Looking for a Naughty Bookworm” ( and “Golfer Seeks Birdie to Carry Nine Iron—On and off the Green” (—then this trend is good news for you. Here are some of our faves: More than 70,000 country bumpkins have clung to this site’s mantra: “City folks just don’t get it!” For the super multi-tasker: Find a travel buddy, plan your next vacation, and score a date all at the same time. Helping those who have money (and those who want it) find true love. This comprehensive nerd site rates the Top 10 Geekiest Dates—the winner’s date took her to his all-guy chess match. Finally, 80s hair band lovers and hip-hoppers can stop wasting each other’s time. This site matches people who expect their dates to have strangers’ names inked onto their backsides. Can’t decide? This site lets you search profiles for any and all interests—for example, 23 members really like ferrets.


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