Zodiac Signs That Have The Strongest Sister Bond

These zodiac signs have the best sister compatibility, according to astrology.

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Zodiac compatibility in astrology is most often used in romantic relationships, but did you know that your ability to get along with family members and siblings is determined by astrology as well as romance, work or any other type of relationship?

Our relationships with siblings are among the most important in our life and can set the tone for how well we relate to and can cooperate with others later in life. A positive sibling relationship can be a lifelong asset.


Let’s take a look at which zodiac combinations work the best in terms of sister-sister compatibility.

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Zodiac sign combinations with the best sister compatibility

Libra and Libra sisters

“The first combination is Libra and Libra,” Astrologer, empath and psychic Carol Starr explains in a TikTok video. “They both like to talk, communicate," she says in the video. Plus, whenever they run into problems, "they will sit down and work them out."

Libra and Libra make a good combination in terms of sisters mainly because of their temperament. They are generally kind, friendly and do not really like to fight — not that it can’t happen! When these sisters are together, most times are quiet, at least in terms of drama and arguments or even rivalry. Libra also likes a partner in almost everything they do and they like to bounce ideas off each other and compare notes. Libra rules the seventh house of partners so they typically feel like a fish out of water if they are alone.


The downside of this combination is they can both procrastinate or even be a little lazy, but they will both understand this in each other. If they do fight it won’t be loud and volatile because neither likes this sort of thing. In all likelihood, they just won’t speak for a while until they can’t stand being alone and one breaks the ice with the other. Then it’s back to their normal pattern of enjoying each other’s company.

And most importantly, "they do love each other a lot," according to Starr.



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Aries and Leo sisters

“Both fire signs, a lot of energy and a lot going on,” Starr says in the video. Since both of these signs are in the element of fire these two typically understand each other and like similar activities, giving them both a deeper understanding of the other. Both Aries and Leo have a natural ability to be able to influence others and they are both interested in leadership. While this is typically positive it may not be so positive when they try to outdo each other in terms of playing the leading role. If they clash, however, their anger won’t last long and would typically be due to their competitive tendencies.

“Maybe there is a little fighting," Starr adds, "but there's a lot of love between them and it works out really well.”

Taurus and Cancer sisters

Taurus and Cancer get along well as sisters, according to Starr's video. “We got the earth and the water sign,' Starr says in the video. "Yeah, the Cancer gets a little emotional; a little of this, and a little of that, but the Taurus is always there to help solve the problems and make things better,” she explains.

Taurus and Cancer sisters form a tight bond and they are both highly protective of each other. It would not be unusual for the older child to assume responsibility for taking care of the younger one as they both have this type of practical and protective personality. By nature, they are generally both trustworthy so this is a bonus. Neither of these siblings is especially high energy so they tend to enjoy similar activities that include family dinners and get-togethers, along with other activities related to the home.


Taurus can be a little more stubborn than Cancer, but if they butt heads it won’t last long because their bond is so tight they can’t go for long periods and stay mad. Cancer, in particular, can’t stand being on the outs with others.

Capricorn and Pisces sisters

These two represent another earth-water combination. "Pisces is a little emotional for the Capricorn but Capricorn is always organized, getting set up and always helping the sister out," Starr's video explains.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and is usually very kind and soft-hearted, which is something that Capricorn enjoys. Pisces is extra imaginative and can draw the more serious Capricorn out and into a world of imagination they can both enjoy as Cappy could not do this on her own. Capricorn is there for Pisces when she becomes extra sensitive and can have a calming effect on her. All in all, this is a great combination. Capricorn could get a little annoyed at times over Pisces' sensitivity but basically, they tend to balance each other out.


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