4 Zodiac Signs With The Rare Blend Of Deep Empathy And Impressive Mental Toughness

Some signs can display the best of both worlds.

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In astrology, water signs are known to be empaths and air signs are known to have impressive mental toughness. However, some signs can display the best of both worlds when they have evolved and no longer cater to innate self-serving tendencies.

4 zodiac signs with the rare blend of deep empathy and impressive mental toughness

These signs know how to show compassion to others and themselves while also having enough discipline and mental toughness to face challenges. Witnessing their vulnerable side will only be reserved for the people they deeply care for and trust, but to the rest of the world, they may appear either unphased, disciplined, and/or empowering.


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1. Aries sun and moon

People may view Aries as immature or selfish, but this is one of the signs that is naturally empathetic towards others when they have evolved.

Those with an Aries sun and/or moon are mentors and cheerleaders to the people they love, encouraging them to fight for their dreams. This also applies to themselves — they know how to continue climbing and are tenacious when they want success. Ruled by Mars, they are soldiers at heart, unwilling to back down from a challenge and protective of the ones they love. The evolved Aries will know how to pick their battles and concentrate on victory in a more disciplined way. They will also share their emotion and heart with others.


2. Taurus moon

The Taurus moon is a deep empath who possesses impressive mental toughness because the moon is exalted in this sign.

While the Taurus sun can be more explosive when handling life lessons, the Taurus moon knows how to stay calm and collected. They are strategists, learning how to move and flow with the current. While we see the storm, Taurus moon prepares for what is to come and begins their plan which is typical of earth placements. They know how to feel their emotions and take their time to listen to others in need, but they also know how to carry themselves when the world around them is falling apart.

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3. Leo sun, moon and rising

Leos are ruled by the sun for a reason, because they are persevering and can be formidable.


The evolved Leo sun, moon, and/or rising knows how to care for others, to be there for them and to show compassion to those around them. They know how to uplift those in need while not compromising their boundaries. The sun shines in Leo since they are magnanimous and enchanting, and can easily attract people to them. Leo knows how to value themselves and when the going gets tough, they can find their strength and fortitude because they trust and believe in themselves. Nothing can stop a Leo when they know their worth and value. Their hearts are also sincere and kind.

4. Libra moon

A sign that thrives with networking and sharing with others, the Libra moon will show empathic traits because they are social and when they build relationships or friendships, they will put their friend or partner first. There is also a lot of mental toughness with this placement because of moon’s need to rationalize emotions.

Nevertheless, these are the people who will be great listeners and can help others heal. When Libra feels the emotional tidal waves battering their hearts, they will continue to carry on as if nothing has happened. They may appear aloof but are sensitive and desire for the love and care they give to be reciprocated. Being a cardinal sign opposing Aries gives them the strength and courage to triumph when they are battling and soldering through.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.